Workforce Lodging

Square Footage



Quality Employee Housing

Are you searching for a higher standard of living for your on-site workers? Custom Touch Homes build premium employee housing that feels less temporary, and more accommodating. Manufactured to withstand the harshest elements, our workforce lodging is adaptable to any climate and terrain. Unlike other industrial housing options, our structures are not tin can boxes or hastily-constructed shacks. The spacious, innovative floor plans from Custom Touch Homes are designed to create a sense of community, rather than a temporary dwelling.

Industrial Housing Solutions

Designed with comfort and community in mind, Custom Touch Homes offer two different employee housing solutions. The first is CTL: four separate living quarters located within a 918 square foot building – with the semblance of hotel rooms – one after another in a row. The second is TFL: an executive lodging series in which bedrooms are located on separate ends of the structure, creating an environment similar to apartment living. In the center of the building is a communal area complete with a full kitchen, laundry, and bathrooms.

Modular Construction Advantages

Why is the workforce lodging from Custom Touch Homes superior to other modular housing options? Whether you work on an oil field or in an office cubicle, time is money. Our factory-assembled structures are built indoors, out of the elements in a climate-controlled facility. No weather means no construction delays or damaged materials due to rain, snow, and excessive heat; in turn, saving you money on labor, time, and supplies. Furthermore, our timely delivery and limited on-site construction will always keep you on schedule.